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The project first implemented on Feburary, 2013 at HKC&ED office in On-Board Courier (OBC), Super Terminal 1, Chap Lap Kok International Airport.
In OBC, there is difficult to provide electronic manifest because of the limitation of time. Therefore, C&ED officer captured the image of airway-bill, convert the image to computer recognized text, then match with C&ED database to find out if there is any suspect parcels.

A digital camera is used for image capturing,

A web camera is used for motion detection, so as to trigger the photo taking.

A windows-based PC (CPU intel Duo Core or above, 4G RAM or above) to do OCR and text analysis.
The following image shows the work flow
We purchased a OCR SDK license from Leadtools Technology Incorporation for all OCR process. While using openCV for motion or image detection.

OCR Engine Leadtools Imaging Pro version 18
Motion Detection Emgucv, a dot net wrapper for OpenCV
In March 2014, new OCR system are deployed at other C&ED sites at Cathay Pacific Cargo Terminal (CPCT), Air Mail Centre (AMU), Import and Export Team in Super Terminal 1 and Express Cargo Terminal (ECT).

These new deployment are using WiFi Android Camera to take photo, instead of digital camera. By this image capturing can be more flexible.

While, ECT are using High Speed Scanner to scan documents.
OCR scanning is also deployed in Passenger Terminal, a project called SMART is also using OCR technology to analysis manifests.
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